ERICH HÖRTNAGL lives in Helsingborg and in Tyrol. He works as a theater and film director and throughout Europe as a film producer. With his film work, which includes feature films as well as documentaries for cinema and television, he has participated in many international film festivals and has received many awards.

At the World Fair in Hanover in 2000, Erich directed events on Austria's National Day. In 2008, the opera "Die Sennenpuppe" was performed under his direction and with his scenography for the world premiere in Salzburg / Gmunden, Austria, and has been touring Central Europe for several years.

At the same time, Erich also works as a photographer, graphic artist and sculptor. His work has been shown at international exhibitions and art fairs. He is a member of Grafiska Sällskapet in Stockholm and - together with his wife Ewa Jönsson-Hörtnagl - he has also received assignments for decorations of the public space in Stockholm and Skåne.

With his works, he is represented in various European and American museums, art galleries and in public and regional institutions.

Erich Hörtnagl is a member of the Deutsche Gesellschaft for Photographie. In 2019, the book Sehnsucht Meer / La nostalgia del mare was published, both in German and in Italian translation, with Erich's photos about the longing for happiness on the Adriatic coast. Erich Hörtnagl is the initiator and one of the founders of the Tyrolean film fund Cinetirol and, since 2020, Executive Producer for the Scandinavian Completion Bond.

Phone: +46(0)708 925 461

My photographs are observations, yet, they do not depict the subject as a representation of reality but try to penetrate the imaginary world behind it.

A photo is really an illusion: you think you see everything in front of the camera - and yet there is somethingelse happening: a kind of secret that the photograph holds within itself.


”Sehnsucht Meer” / ”La nostalgia del mare”, published 2019 by Raetia Edition in German and Italian language, exibitions 2019-20. Link to reviews:
”To Be a Man” / ”Mann sein”, 2019-21, book project in progress
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